Garden Visit | Holy Island, Lindisfarne

We made pilgrimage North to Holy Island, Lindisfarne, Northumberland and paid homage to one of our most celebrated garden designers (and one of Richard’s favourites) Gertrude Jekyll. Her garden at the Castle is tucked away behind a walled square overlooking the North Sea.

It’s a magical place – a beautiful raggedy garden, walled in the middle of a field out of the shadow of the castle and overlooking the sea. Everything grown was blown and only the survivors remained, stoic against the North sea winds.

We found plenty to inspire and take back to the Barn: jewel coloured flowers, bare branches, trailing plants on rusted spikes and spires pointing skywards all make a garden interesting at this time of year – and as the sun sinks lower, it slants through airy stems picking up texture, silhouette and movement in fading light.

‘Although the days have started to get shorter and a little bit colder, there’s still plenty to do in the Garden. There are some tough little plants and shrubs that can survive the changing weather, braving the cold and wind to bring a splash of colour and brighten breezy autumnal days – choose the right plants and autumn gardens can be a spectacular sight.’

Step out onto our  Plant Terrace for further inspiration and seek guidance from our Gardeners on how to make the most of your garden during these cooler months.