Best Store Design

Long Barn has been shortlisted for The Best Store Design at this year’s
Drapers Independent Awards. 

Always a highlight in the industry calendar, this award recognises inspiring and thriving independent retailers from across the country and we’re thrilled to be included in such good company.

This past summer has seen the original oak barn extended, which allowed us plenty more room to get creative. We gathered a raft of talent – designers, artists, furniture makers, sign writers, printmakers, builders and carvers, to create a convivial space to tell the Long Barn story. Rooted in our love for the English countryside and craftsmanship, it was only fitting that we use natural materials and celebrate the skills of artisans still working today. Discover their charming touch throughout the barn, from custom made ‘apple ladder’ tables and handmade fixtures to letterpress printed cards and hand-painted signs.



We are fortunate to be surrounded by stunning countryside. Every passing week is a new experience at the barn, and to truly celebrate the joys of our setting, we create beautifully abundant displays inspired by nature, that bring a bit of the beauty of outdoors inside. We showcase every spring, summer, autumn and winter, with a specially commissioned wall-sized painting of a view at Long Barn by our entrance, welcoming both you and the new season throughout the year.



As growers and distillers of lavender, we are continuing a heritage of farming that is almost forgotten in this country. Proud of our link to the past, we have a permanent exhibit of artefacts and ephemera in our lovingly named ‘Lavender Corridor’. Above the framed old postcards and vintage bottles, there is a traditionally sign written quote:


We invited painter and illustrator Dan Williams to paint his signature lavender stems onto the windows, which on a sunny day cast beautiful flowery shadows, making this a delightful walk through the old and new parts of the barn.
It’s a good spot to stop and take in the lovely view outside too!



We’re all very much looking forward celebrating with the other finalists at the awards this September – we’ll keep you posted on how we get on. In the meantime, a huge thank you to everyone involved in the project (there were many!) and congratulations to our in-house team here at the Barn, we’re proud your skill and hard work have been applauded in this way.

Wish us luck and we hope you all enjoy our new(ish!) barn as much as we do!