Front View of Long Barn
For over a decade, Long Barn has been growing and distilling lavender at their Hampshire farm, producing an exclusive range of wonderful aromatic beauty and bath products made entirely from natural ingredients, which have an amazing vibrancy and freshness. Alongside, they have sourced a selection of original and inspiring lifestyle products and gifts for the home and garden. Browse our website and discover something special - or if you are in the vicinity, pop in to the home of Long Barn. Their beautiful oak barn is set in 2 acres of lavender fields in Alresford, Hampshire, where you will always receive a warm welcome!

The Barn opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm, Cafe last orders 4.30pm. Sunday and Bank Holidays 10am - 4.00pm, Cafe last orders 3.30pm.
The Plant Nursery
In our plant nursery you will discover a choice seasonal selection of plants, assiduously assembled by Richard Norris, founding partner, who is eager to share his abiding horticultural passion with fellow gardeners, or those keen to learn. Here you will find his favourite collection of herbaceous plants, climbers, roses, herbs and of course our unrivalled selection of lavenders. All are presented in a beautiful English romantic setting, with views over the 5,000 lavender plants lovingly tended behind the barn. Friendly and expert advice is always on hand to help you make the right choice for your garden. Have a question for Richard? Click here
Lavender Plants
At the heart of everything we do at Long Barn is a love of lavender. At the barn in Hampshire we sell a wide range of varieties and, for me, sharing my passion for this plant with customers is perhaps the most satisfying part of my job. In deciding what to offer you here, I have been mindful of the most frequently asked question, “Do you have a nice compact lavender that will make a neat hedge?” Many people have heard of the darkest of the blue lavenders, ‘Hidcote’ which we do sell. However, I love introducing people to lavenders they may not have encountered before and this has led me to a selection of three lavenders offered here. If you are looking for something specific or if you want any advice, please drop me an email
Butterfly on Lavender
At the heart of the Long Barn business is a true love of lavender and the desire to offer lavender products and other unique items inspired by the natural world around us. Our lavender fields are maintained without the use of chemicals, in tune with our ethos: respect for the countryside, responsible sourcing and no artificial additives. Our beauty range is made entirely from natural ingredients and we never compromise on quality. Long Barn's abiding passion is getting it right for the customer, by providing the very best, friendly, courteous and efficient customer service - always!

Lavender Distilling
We distil our lavender oil on the farm during July and August generally on the day of cutting. We use a traditional steam distillation method where we generate steam in a boiler and then pass it through the lavender which is packed tightly into a part of the still known as the retort. As the steam passes over the flowers, the oil, held in tiny sacs on the surface of the flowers, vapourises and is carried along with the steam into the condenser. At this stage the steam and vapourised lavender oil experience a sudden drop in temperature and turn back into liquid form. Oil being lighter than water, the final separation is easy. All our products use only the finest lavender distilled using this method.

Barn Frost Land

Lavender field with cows
Long Barn lavender products are different to most other lavender offerings on the market in that they are made using natural ingredients and with lavender grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. In fact, the farm on which our lavender is grown was one of the first to be accredited with the LEAF Marque (Linking Environment And Farming) but the lavender is grown to a standard which exceeds the requirements of the scheme.
Green Logos
Our green oak barn was constructed by a local company, is heated by the latest air source heat pump technology, and sits amongst lavender planting which is surrounded by hedgerows of native species supplied by our friends at the English Hedgerow Trust. In the spring, the site becomes alive with wildflowers sown as seed from the charity ‘Landlife’, and as we move into summer, the hum of visiting bees fills the air.

We re-use most of our packaging waste when we send out wholesale orders, but we also participate in a local business waste recycling scheme which collects sorted waste products within a limited geographical area.

As you will see on our website, we place an emphasis on using local artisans to supply unique, handcrafted products, in line with our commitment to the local community and economy. All our staff are therefore local residents.

The Long Barn Team
Richard Norris is the resident lavender fanatic, passionate horticulturalist and a founding partner of Long Barn. Richard is joined by co-director Jane Marsden who has brought an invaluable business acumen to the venture. Andy Rigg (shown on tractor) is the 'founding farmer' who still looks after the acres of Lavender in Hampshire. Together they form the indefatigable management team, ably assisted at the barn by a team of local sales assistants, many who have been with us from the beginning.

Broad St Alresford Sheep
The barn is situated on a site which, within living memory, was used to pen sheep which had been herded from miles around to congregate at the famous annual Alresford Sheep Fair. The Sheep Fair dates back to the middle ages, when more than 100,000 sheep would arrive in town. Elderly locals remember at least 16,000 sheep being hurdled together on our field and many recall being locked up indoors by their anxious mothers when the shepherds came to town! The last sheep fair was held here in 1977. At Long Barn we are proud to continue the tradition of rural enterprise on this lovely edge of town spot alongside the River Itchen.

We are located on the B3047 between New Alresford and Bishops Sutton, approximately one hour’s drive from South London. Take the A3 or the M3, then the A31, B3047. Plenty of free parking.

Nearest train stations: Winchester (7 miles) or Alton (10 miles)

Bus route: 64 and 67 from Winchester – Alresford – Alton

Friends of Long Barn
Over the years we have worked in alliance with a number of first rate local companies with whom we are proud to be associated. Many have become friends. We know that you will enjoy discovering these businesses, managed by entrepreneurs with a vision and focus on premium quality and service. If you find yourselves in their area – do call in. Well worth a trip. Click here for details